History of Castle Long:

The construction of the present Castle, lasts ten years and in 1743 there was born a boy: Pierre de Buissy. And here is that a story to the Versailles Court spread in the Kingdom of France... : Madame Adélaïde playing with the Queen, managed to slip from his pocket without anyone noticing 14 Louis. The next day, at dawn, she left his room without be heard his housekeepers, or person.

At the time where it slips out of the Castle, she is surprised by one of his wives and reduced force to his apartment. When asked for the purpose of this escapade, she replied: "she wanted to go stand at the head of the arms of Daddy King." She knew, she added a man who was very dedicated and who would accompany him on this expedition. What could be this character pretty reckless for embezzling from his submission to the label a girl from France ? Adelaide confessed that it was the boy of the same age as her, which took care of the donkey which she drank milk every morning. And Pierre de Buissy then starts to dream, why could he fill the loneliness of the Princess ? Is not her home a little Versailles ?

And as soon as the death of his father occurred at the castle on 15 September 1762, Viscount Pierre Buissy continues the work undertaken by her father and made decorate with finesse, elegance and grace, the Interior of the Castle by the greatest artists of the Kingdom. He did not marry Adelaide, but Anne-Elisabeth de Godin.

Les Serres:


The greenhouses have been built by Mr Carpentier at the end of the 19th century and restored in 2002. Cold greenhouse is composed of roses, clematis and seasonal flowers, greenhouse bougainvillea, oleander and lemon...


The Common and the Dovecote

In the style of the Castle were erected common: a long body building flanked by two pavilions connected to the central body by a curved wall.


The monumental gate to low bow is framed a simple shear forming pilasters switchgear and is surmounted by a triangular pediment. Share and other settled a rate of fake stone arches that stand on the bottom of the brick wall.


Buissy messire has also built at the centre of the buildings of the farm-yard a topped colombier from a beautiful pigeon which seems to observe and watch over the Castle. The elegant, octagonal Dovecote ' brick and stone "long is come down to us intact despite more than 250 years of existence. The body of the building is brick with angles tapped stone chains.